Visionary Structures
The exhibition offers an insight into Latvia’s avant-garde art in the 20th and 21st centuries – showcasing works by seven Latvian artists (Karl Iognason, Gustav Klutsis, Valdis Celms, Jānis Krievs, Artūrs Riņķis, Gints Gabrāns and Voldemārs Johansons), who represent different generations, each of whom is a trendsetting artistic innovator of his era. Through their works, these artists provide a view into the most experimental and utopian artistic values of their day, as well as into their historical transformations.

V. Celms Tornis (1)

The central idea for the exhibition architecture was to provide a spatial envelope for each of the artworks - a dark background that creates an illusion of infinite depth. A microcosm for the artists' structures to spread within.
(Image - V.Celms. Tower.)

Exhibition at the National Library of Latvia
Riga, 2014

Exhibition at BOZAR Centre for fine arts
Brussels, 2015

Location: LNB, Riga / BOZAR Centre for fine arts, Brussels
Curator: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Architecture: GAISS
Team: Kārlis Melzobs, Arnita Melzoba
Graphic design: RIJADA
Timeline: 2014 - 2015
Photography: Ansis Starks, Andri Haflidason
Awards: Annual Design Award by the Latvian Association of Designers in the category "Environmental design"