I (too) am a Latvian
The tumultuous historical events of the 20th-century and the new economic opportunities of the 21st century have led hundreds of thousands of Latvians to leave their native country and to establish new lives abroad. Living outside of Latvia, being Latvian becomes a choice. The exhibition seeks to answer the question - what does it mean to be a Latvian while living abroad?


Latvians are a diverse crowd. Especially when living in different environments, countries, continents. The challenge for the exhibition was to reveal the multeity within the Latvian diaspora - a community formed by personalities.
(Photo: R. Kārkls)

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For the exhibition, we created a "crowd" of around 100 elements - each with its own individual character, that could communicate the rich cultural variety of the Latvian diaspora.


Location: Travelling exhibition
Curator: Latvians Abroad - museum and research centre
Architecture: GAISS
Team: Kārlis Melzobs, Arnita Melzoba
Graphic design: Associates, Partners et Sons
Year: 2018
Photography: Ansis Starks